Pottery Auction Catalog


Proceeds to benifit the Courthouse Cultural Center/Middle GA Folk Pottery Museum, Sponsored by Crawford County Historical Society
2:00 pm, May 19, 2018
In the New Courthouse, Knoxville, GA

Buyers must be at least 18 years of age. Buyer's premium of 10% and 7% sales tax will be added to the sale price. The buyer agrees that any published description is solely for identification and does not constitute a warranty, express or implied that the merchandise actually conforms to such description; merchandise is purchased "as is." Crawford County Historical Society (CCHS) and its partners make no warranties or guarantees as to the quality or condition. Failure to inspect items shall not be a cause for cancellation of sale. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:CRAWFORD COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY

When possible, items will be sold in the sequence listed in the auction catalog. Bidders are responsible for determining that the auction description matches merchandise inspected. CCHS reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids. The auctioneer may refuse to recognize any person not registered and not having a paddle number. CCHS reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse anyone the right to register and participate.

Consignors are not allowed to bid on their own property/merchandise or have an agent bid on their behalf. If the auctioneer recognizes such biding or is advised of the same, the auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any and all items consigned by the offending consignor.

Successful bidders must pay for the purchase of all lots immediately following the conclusion of the auction. Acceptable forms of payment are credit card, cash, personnel check, cashier's check, or money order. All sales are final. No refunds will be given.

All personal property and purchases must be removed at the conclusion of the auction unless other approved or accommodations are made. Failure to make proper payment for purchases or to remove purchased items from the building by the close of the day will result in a forfeiture of any right, title, or interest the bidder may have acquired and the property shall revert to the CCHS.

Announcements may be made on the day of the auction to clarify catalog descriptions or other information specific to a lot or individual property/merchandise item. These announcements take precedence over catalog information pertinent but do not alter in any way these basic terms and conditions of sale.

Crawford County Historical Society Pottery Auction 2018

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Auction Item Lot Number # Description Photo Sold

Donated item:

Advertising storage jar, Sulztbergers Pure Horse Radish As You Like It, dug in Macon

2 Chester Hewell (1950-) Gillsville, GA signed Face Jug, rare  
3 Five gallon wide-mouth jug attributed to Alabama Potter Will Nunn (1869-1952) by Danny Maltbie. Mint condition. Nunn potted in Oxford and Marshall, Alabama, worked until the early 1920s.  
4 Alabama Churn, Rock Mills, bottom handle missing, chip on lip, 5 gallon  
5 Salt glaze, Alabama Rock Mills, turkey drippings, mint  

This lot has 2 items

Dark brown jug, 1/2 gal, unsigned

Brown 1/2 gal jug, mint condition, Albany slip, glazed on bottom, pulled off w/wire

6 Early paintrock glaze, this may be North Carolina  

This lot has 3 items

Small southern pitcher, possibly Alabama excellent condition

Miniature pitcher possibly Alabama, spout wear

Miniature pitcher possibly Alabama excellent condition

7A John Meaders, small green pitcher, mint condition, signed  
8 Alabama jug, marked 5, mint, incised w/1 ring  
9 Alabama 5 gallon, one-handled jug, small blow out, marked 5, kiln crack inside lip,  
10 Preserve jar, Stamped J.A. Bishop, Del Ray Georgia, mint condition, Jasper Andrew Bishop (1836-1923)  
10A Shelby West Knoxville Kiln Opening 2007, gallon jug  
10B Shelby West Limited edition, Roberta, Ga 100th centennial celebration #2 dated 9-25-10  
11 Brown pitcher, incised w/ 4 rings, chip to lip  
12 Pitcher, salt/Albany slip inside  
13 Late 1800s 12 in Kline whiskey jug for R M Rose; Block stamped with both names; salt glaze; kiln drips; crack at bottom  
14 Alabama churn with 2 loop handles on one side, has hairline cracks through bottom, very nice glaze, Rock Mills, Alabama  
15 Edward C. Brown (1870/74-1944) Stacker jug stamped E.C. Brown, probably Atlanta area circa 1900.  
16 Pitcher, runs on lip, minor chip on pour spout  
17 Cheever Meaders (1987-1967) 4-gallon churn. 16in tall. Marked 4, Rim restoration  
18 Lanier Meaders (1917-19 ) 4 gallon storage jar, excellent condition  
19 Attributed to Lucius Jordan (1816-188s), turned in Hancock and Washington County, GA. Last known dated piece, signed and dated pitcher, 1884. (Information courtesy of Jim Bruce.) 1 gallon jug Washington co,  
20 Preserve jar maybe NC  
20A Creamer, brown with green runs, glazed on bottom  
21 Shelby West signed 1/2 gal Monkey jug, mint condition  
22 Garlic Storage jar, Mike Merritt, 3-16-1983  
23 William Davis Bishop (1861/62-19) stacker jug stamped W.D. Bishop, Meansville, GA. gallon jug, minor chip on lip  
24 Jasper Andrew Bishop (1836-1923) preserve jar, mint, stamped J.A. Bishop, DelRay, GA  
25 11 in Crawford county pitcher, has extensive rim repair  
26 Green glazed pitcher several rim chips 11 ½ in tall  
27 Two gallon Crawford county alkaline glaze Jug; light green; great condition; possibly Yaughn  
28 Crawford County monkey jug 12in tall. Spout and rim restored  
28A Double lug handle (bought in Athens)  
29 Very early alkaline-glazed jar attributed to Crawford County, void in rim, stamped 4, likely second to third quarter 19th Century.  
30 Double handled Crawford county jug; beautiful glaze, one side fired differently; attributed to Oscar Becham. One handle and spout repaired; does not ring true but no crack discernible  

This lot is for 3 items

Creamer, brown

Creamer, black on brown, runny glaze, tiny chip in handle

Salt glaze creamer, probably Alabama, chip on lip


Lanier County double-loop- handled five gallon storage jar, hole in side, three drain holes drilled in bottom.

32 Lanier County two-gallon jar missing one handle.  
33 Two gallon Crawford county alkaline glaze jug; dark green; great condition; possibly Yaughn  
34 Crawford county bean pot. Great glaze with several small rim chips  
35 Billy Merritt 2 handled Crawford County double-loop handled cream riser or milk pan. Unusual form.  
36 Henry Doss Marshall (1845-1899), stamped HD on handle., no repairs or cracks, nice paint rock glaze, nicks around rim, chip in handle  

HNL stamped Crawford county 2 gallon Jug

Henry Newton Long (1838- ca. 1907)

38 3 Gallon jug, hole high on shoulder  
39 Crawford county bowl, has hairline crack on rim  
40 3 gal Merritt family churn, one loop, one lug handle, paint rock glaze  

This lot is for 2 items

Pitcher, glaze flow on side, glaze missing inside, chips on lip

Pitcher, Albany slip, mint

41 Crawford county Coffee Pot pitcher, seated for lid, lid may not be original  
42 William Dennis Merritt (1861-1929) Crawford County bean pot, with fantastic glaze, no repairs or cracks, rim nicks  
43 Crawford county Bean pot, chip on lip  
44 Edgefield storage jar marked 3, small rim chips one small piece glued in rim  
45 Clint Alderman face jug. 7 1/2in tall. Bottom Inscribed Clint Alderman 2017 Wood Fired Ash Glazed  

This lot is for 2 items

Miller Pottery, Alabama, mint

Tall brown milk pitcher, Miller Pottery circa 1900, original price $100, found in Selma Alabama, small chip on bottom

46 Jesse Bradford Long(1808-1888) wire-stamped JBL, paintrock glaze. JBL left for Texas about 1881 to live with relatives. Wire-stamped jugs are very early, probably circa 1850 or before.  
47 Crawford county 1 gallon Jug, chip on handle  
48 Crawford county 1 Quart Jug, rare size  
49 Crawford county 9 1/2in jug, a few chips on mouth and small hole in bottom. Possible JHL, single handle  
50 large 5 gal CC Yaughn jar, missing handle, no repairs, no cracks, chips on lip  
50A 2 gal white jug, chips (shallow) on lip great glaze  
51 Lanier Meaders Face jug, late 1970s, small chip behind ear  
52 Crawford County 12in jug signed H, has rim restoration  
53 A.G. Meaders signed, 9 in face jug  
54 Crawford county Flowerpot Pitcher, hairline crack  
55 Crawford county Pitcher  
55A Alabama pitcher, 1 incised ring, wear to rim  
56 Billy Merritt Crawford county Bean Pot, Light Green Glaze, Lid may not be original ;  
57 Piggy bank, stamped, Rogers  
58 Melvin Crocker 2014 snake, excellent condition and very realistic  
59 Large Billy Merritt Bowl, has hairline crack  
60 Crawford county 10 ½ in jug, dark glaze, broken handle. Lots of surface cracks but no leaks  

This lot is for 3 items

2 gal pitcher, Albany slip, minor chips

Squat Pitcher, chip on back of lip

gallon pitcher black, mint

61 Early 19" tall double handled storage jar, probably Thomas Dixon, dark green alkaline glaze, 2 large rim voids.  
62 Edwin Meaders grape pitcher, kiln mint condition  
63 Mike Hanning, signed/dated 1995, chicken waterer, decorated  
64 2 gallon jug with large mouth chip  

Billy Bryant 1 Gallon BB stamped jug, great glaze

Bill Bryant—worked with Billy Merritt until 1907


Billy Bryant stamped BB Crawford county 2 handled jar, Repaired handle

Bill Bryant—worked with Billy Merritt until 1907

67 Clint Alderman decorated jug. Beautiful blue runs near top. Inscribed Clint Alderman 2017. Wood fired. Ash glazed  
68 Crawford County pitcher; dark alkaline glaze; large lip chips  
69 1 Gallon Chevers Meaders jug, excellent condition  
70 Grape decorated candelabra, Clint Alderman, 2012, excellent condition  
70A Beautiful 2 loop handle NC jug, freeze crack at the bottom  
71 Jar, handle & top missing, found in Lanier County
72 Red Georgia monkey jug  
73 Alkaline glaze, 2 gal pitcher, chips to lip  

2 items in this lot

Buggy Jug, 5 in Gillsville, GA

6 in blue tea pot with lid, grapes and leaves design, signed, Mildred Meaders


9 in blue double handle vase with grapes, signed, Bobby Ferguson, Gillsville, GA

Robert Ferguson (b.1933)

76 1 gallon N.C. jug  
77 Reggie Meaders signed brown & red rooster, section of comb missing  
78 Reggie Meaders signed brown rooster, two chips on base  

This lot is for 2 items

7 in blue & white speckeled pitcher, signed, Marie Rogers, Meansville, GA

9 in storage jar with grapes, signed, Marie Rogers

80 3 handled churn, Albany slip, 5 gal mark, Alabama, R Mills, pulled off w/wire  
81 Crawford County storage jar, Long attribution, 10in tall, 5in mouth, some glaze uneveness  
82 Benjamin S. Salter (1847-1932?) Stamped B.S. Salter DelRay, GA, 4 gallon churn  
83 Mathew Hewell 8 in pitcher, signed, excelent condition  
84 Pitcher, gal, chips on lip  
85 Squat pitcher, flea bites  
86 John Meaders signed, Cleveland GA, (unusual) one lug/one loop handled with lid, mint condition  
87 1 Gallon storage jar, maybe N.C. Rim chip and minor chips on lug handles  
88 Chester Hewell double handle jug, slip decorated, excellent condition  
89 Claude/Vicki Miller Rooster, excellent condition  
90 Catawba Valley 2 gallon storage jar with lug handle  
91 Anita Meaders Bowl with flowers. 4in tall, 8in across  
92 Alabama, chip inside lip, incised ring  
93 John Meaders mug, signed, green runny glaze,made in Cleveland, GA  
94 Shelby West incised Pitcher, signed 9-3-07, excellent condition  
95 Pitcher, John Meaders    

Cicero Burnes, student of S.R. Rogers, marked, perfect condition


Cicero Burnes, student of S.R. Rogers, marked, chip on lip


This lot is for 2 items

Signed John Meaders sugar bowl w/lid, Cleveland GA, mint condition

Miniature jug, mint condition

98 10 in Jugtown pitcher  
99 Funeral Vase, grave marker, Attributed to Crawford County, GA
100 3 handled bowl, Maybe Ely Gordy or Cole has hairline crack, beautiful glaze  
101 8 in storage jar, signed, Whelchel Meaders  
102 Grace Nell Hewell pitcher 8 1/2in, excellent condition , signed and stamped  
103 5 in Jugtown pitcher  
104 Catawba Jar with some lip repair.  
105 Southern jug, possibly Alabama  
106 Large brown pitcher, 2 gal, squared handle  
107 Salt glazed storage jar, rim chip, looks like it was painted at one time, good condition  
108 Unsigned Burlon Craig one handled jug. Several glaze runs/skips, 10 ½ in no other issues  
109 Bean pot w/lid, chip on lip  
110 Large Jugtown pitcher, has rim wear minor chips, hairline cracks through bottom  
111 8 in Jugtown storage jar