Final Catalog, no more additions or changes

Pottery Auction Catalog

Courthouse Cultural Center/Middle GA Folk Pottery Museum

Sponsored by Crawford County Historical Society

3:00 pm, May 17, 2014
In the New Courthouse, Knoxville, GA

Buyers must be at least 18 years of age. Buyer's premium of 10% will be added to the sale price. The buyer agrees that any published description is solely for identification and does not constitute a warranty, express or implied that the merchandise actually conforms to such description; merchandise is purchased "as is." Crawford County Historical Society (CCHS) and its partners make no warranties or guarantees as to the quality or condition. Failure to inspect items shall not be a cause for cancellation of sale. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:CRAWFORD COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY

When possible, items will be sold in the sequence listed in the auction catalog. Bidders are responsible for determining that the auction description matches merchandise inspected. CCHS reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids. The auctioneer may refuse to recognize any person not registered and not having a paddle number. CCHS reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse anyone the right to register and participate.

Consignors are not allowed to bid on their own property/merchandise or have an agent bid on their behalf. If the auctioneer recognizes such biding or is advised of the same, the auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any and all items consigned by the offending consignor.

Successful bidders must pay for the purchase of all lots immediately following the conclusion of the auction. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, personnel check, cashier's check, or money order. All sales are final. No refunds will be given.

All personal property and purchases must be removed at the conclusion of the auction unless other approved or accommodations are made. Failure to make proper payment for purchases or to remove purchased items from the building by the close of the day will result in a forfeiture of any right, title, or interest the bidder may have acquired and the property shall revert to the CCHS.

Announcements may be made on the day of the auction to clarify catalog descriptions or other information specific to a lot or individual property/merchandise item. These announcements take precedence over catalog information pertinent but do not alter in any way these basic terms and conditions of sale.

Crawford County Historical Society Pottery Auction 2014

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Auction Item Number Lot # Descriprion Photo Sold
101 74 Pinecone mug, mulitcolored, signed ?? 2000 $11.00
102 1 Four gallon churn, attributed to Cheevers Meaders, firing flaws and lip chips Jug $115.50
103 2 Storage jar, believed to be Alabama, 4 Lip chips and 1 glaze crack Storage Jar $55.00
104 30 Bowl modern decorative. Bowl $27.05
105 3 Fruit jar 8 1/2" wax seal,
Stamped "W B Lowery, Roseville, O"       1866-1897
Fruit Jar $22.00
106 4 R M Rose Whiskey jug
1880-1889 or 1896-1906, Atlanta, Ga.
Whiskey Jug $220.00
107 93 1/2 gallon jug, brown glaze, North Carolina $11.00
108 5 Indian head crock, probably Kentucky Crock $33.00
109 91 Art pottery pitcher. Attributed to South Carolina. Decorated. Excellent Condition. $16.50
110 6 Gordy's pottery vase
Stamped "Gordy's Pottery, Greenville Georgia"
Vase $27.50


1800's Greene county, Tennessee, Harmon jug, handle missing, stanped "2"
Water tight, rare East Tennessee piece.
Jug $16.50
112 8 Double lug handled jar, Probably North Carolina Lug Handled Jug $38.50
113 87 Nathaniel Hewell one-half gallon Pitcher. Ash glaze. Dated 1998. Signed on bottom. $60.50
114 7 Storage jar, probably North Carolina Storage Jar $49.50
115 10 Double handle storage jar, Crawford Co., probably by Dickson Storage Jar $110.00
116 11 Storage jar, North Carolina, probably Craven Storage Jar $27.50
117 20 Lanier Meaders, bowl, kiln mint condition. Bowl $71.50
118 12 Syrup Jug, Crawford County, unknown potter, purchased at an Augusta antiques store. Damage to spout, side, restored by John Davis, Skidaway Island, Savannah, Ga., now deceased was an expert in ceramics restoration for more than 30 years. Syrup Jug $165.00
119 43 The Craven Family of Southern Folk Potters, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri, by Quincey Scarborough $11.00
120 13 Jug, signed by J A Bishop, Delray, Ga. It was purchased by the owners in a large number of Georgia jugs. Jug $341.00
121 15 Man with Hat, Bobby Ferguson, Gillsville, Ga. Purchased from the potter. Face Statue $82.50
122 69 Honey pot w/lid & honey dipper. North Georgia mountians, Clarksville area. Marked "Handcrafted Original Lynda Thompson" $22.00
123 16 Devil face, by Bryan Attaway, Sylvania, Ga., 2000. He was a ceramics teacher at Screven County High School. Purchased from the potter. Devil Face $11.00
124 17 Chior Singers, purchased from Marie Rogers during a 1990s visit to her home in Meansville, Ga. Chior Singers $137.50
125 9 Double lug handled jar, Probably North Carolina Lug Handled Jug $49.50
126 18 Bean pot, purchased from Teague's Pottery in Frogtown, N.C., near Seagrove, N.C. Bean Pot $22.00
127 81 Shallow dough bowl $33.00
128 19 Wax sealer preserve jar, attributed to Timmerman Pottery, Stockton, Ga. This was a gift. It had "shark bites" along the rim and was restored by John Davis, Skidaway Island, Savannah, Ga., now deceased was an expert in ceramics restoration for more than 30 years. Peserve Jar $82.50
129 44 The Traditional Pottery of Alabama, Essays by E Henry Willet and Joey Brackner
Soft cover
The Traditional Pottery of Alabama $11.00
130 21 Billy Ray Hussey, early face jug
Excellent condition Circa 1983, tag on bottom from original owner.
Face Jug $137.50
131 23 Clint Alderman signed and dated 2012, double sided Grape Vase.
Alkaline glaze/cobalt, mint condition.
Vase $137.50
132 24 Marie Rogers, Face Jug, mint condition, signed
Marie Rogers, Early Chicken, mint condition, signed & stamped
Small Face Jug & Chicken $159.50
133 27 Crawford County unsigned 1 gallon jug.
Lime green glaze.
Crawford County 1 Gallon Jug $176.00
134 28 Crawford County 1 gallon jug, has near unreadable initials on handle. Initials look like TR, maybe Thomas R Newberry. Has hairline crack. Crawford County 1 Gallon Jug $110.00
135 29 Crawford County 1 gallon jug, has unreadable initials on handle. Small hole in side. Initials look like NEW, maybe Newberry. $165.00
136 31 Very unique shaped decorative vase, has crack in base dark green glaze, looks almost like bronze. Vase $11.00
137 32 Wax seal storage jar $49.50
138 14 Pitcher with grape decoration, made by Harold Ferguson, Gillsville, Ga., 1994. Purchased from Bobby Ferguson at his kiln site. Pitcher $27.50
139 33 Small jug, alkaline glaze Jug $38.50
140 88 Matthew Hewell One-gallon pitcher. Alkaline glaze. Dated 1-12-1996. $27.50
141 34 Small jug, brown glaze, stamped on bottom maybe, ???ville Pottery, may be Nashville, TN Jug $27.50



Small jug Jug $22.00
143 36 2 Gallon jug, brown glaze, chip on lip and on bottom side. 2 Gallon Jug $27.50
144 37 Vintage Catawba Indian Pot, South Carolina . Catawba Indians, known as the "people of the river," never glazed their pots. The pots were hand-built from coils of clay, smoothed, fired in an open pit, and polished. The pots were often mottled from the fire. The Catawba tribe now number fewer than 2,000 and are attempting to teach younger members how to make their distinctive pottery. This pot has wear around the lip and measures 9 1/2in tall and 29in in circumference. No repairs. No cracks. Catawba Indian Pot $192.50
145 40

Alabama Folk Pottery, by Joey Brackner, Hardback book

This volume places historic Alabama pottery making into a national and international context and describes the technologies that distinguish Alabama potters from the rest of the southeast. It explains how a blending and borrowing among cultural groups that settled the state nurtured its rich regional traditions. In addition to providing a detailed discussion of pottery types, clays, glazes, slips, and firing methods, Alabama Folk Pottery presents a geographic survey of the state’s pottery regions with a comprehensive list of Alabama folk potters, historic and contemporary—a valuable resource for collectors, scholars, and curators.

146 26 James Yaughn, Crawford County 1 gallon jug with initials, JY, on handle.
Has typical backwards Y. Replaced handle and rim/neck
JY 1 Gallon Jug $165.00
147 41 The Traditional Potters of Seagrove, North Carolina, And The Surrounding Areas From The 1800's to The Present, by Robert C Lock
Hardback book
148 45 Large stacker jug, salt glazed, 2 gallon Stacker Jug $38.50
149 67 Marie Rogers face jug, repaired, signed $60.50
150 46 Small stacker jug, salt glaze on bottom, 1/2 gallon 1/2 Gallon Stacker Jug $11.00
151 47 Stacker syrup jug, salt glaze on bottom, stamped near handle, ?A Stacker Syrup Jug $22.00
152 25 Henry Newton Long, Crawford County 1 gallon jug with initials, HNL, on handle.
Paint rock glaze.
HNL 1 Gallon Jug $385.00
153 48 1800's Greene county Tennessee, storage crock, stamped "2" has repairs. Storage Crock $27.50
154 49

1800's southern Alabama, Mobile area. Beehive jug, missing handle, applied decoration.

Behive Shaped Jug $16.50
155 51 Nice two handled vase with faded applied decoradion. Two Handled Vase $11.00
156 52 Crawford county lime green jug, unsigned Crawford County 1 Gallon Jug $198.00
157 53 Large Shelby West covered jar, beautiful glaze Covered Jar No Sale
158 63 Five gallon water cooler. Blue and white, marked 5, has crack. Would make an interesting table base or planter. $11.00
159 54

Edgefield, South Carolina jar


Edgefield Jar $220.00
160 86 Matthew Hewell One-gallon Pitcher. Ash Glaze. Signed and dated on bottom. Stamped on handle. Dated 1995 $55.00
161 56 Crawford county jug, rare stamp looks like (W·T) chip in handle Crawford County W·T Marked Jug $352.00
162 58 William "Billy' Bryant, Crawford County storage jar, marked BB on handle, repaired $467.50
163 42 The Pottery Of The Shenandoah Valley Region, by H. E. Comstock $11.00
164 60 Brown and White Beanpot with lid. One handle. Quart size. $11.00
165 61 Pearsons and Chesterfield English jug with bunghole and cork . Stamped, brown and white. $11.00
166 62 Brown milk pitcher. Chips to lip. $22.00
167 55 Crawford county jug, unsigned, beautiful rust colored glaze, old nicks to base Crawford County Rust Colored Jug $192.50
168 59 Small beehive jug, Crawford county, unsigned, repaired $770.00
169 64 Very Early 1800s Two-Gallon Salt-glaze Jug. Tie down lip. Damage to lip and handle. $27.50
170 65 Poultry Fountain or chicken waterer Found in Lanier County area. Bristol slip glaze. Two gallon capacity. Some damage from use. (Chips and hairlines.) Nice unusual decorative piece. $44.00
171 66 Early Pitcher $27.50
172 68 Marie Rogers face jug, repaired. Signed and stamped. $137.50
173 70 Small pitcher with grape decorations, cracked, Prince Edward Island, Canada $11.00
174 71 Pitcher, chipped, sand with blue decorations, Williamsburg, Va. $22.00
175 72 South Dakota, Buffalo Mug $22.00
176 38 Rare condition Crawford County field, water, or monkey jug. One gallon, near-mint, one almost invisible flea-bite under the lip. No repairs, cracks, restoration. Alkaline glaze. Top glazed for cleanliness, bottom unglazed to promote cooling. Strap handle across top for carrying to the field. Canted lip for easy drinking without spilling. Monkey Jug No Sale
177 73 Pitcher decorated with blue rabbit, stamped "Little Mountian" $38.50
178 22

Crawford County, flower pot pitcher.
Minor chips on lip.

Bowl $440.00
179 75 Small crock with applied decoration, apple $11.00
180 76 Piggy bank, small sand & blue, North Ga mountians, Clarksville area. $22.00
181 77 Cup and Saucer, Mauve/rose color, North Ga, Rabun Gap, marked "BB" $11.00
182 78 Pitcher, Mauve/rose color, North Ga, Rabun Gap, marked "BB" $5.50
183 79 Five gallon churn/crock, signed Bishop $126.50
184 80 Nice glaze on a 1 gallon jug handle broken $27.50
185 82 Deep dough bowl $27.50
186 83 Large jug with 'H' scratched into the handle. Top broken out, probably modified for use other than as a jug, for easy pouring. Alkaline glaze. Most likely Crawford County. Found in Stockton, GA. $27.50
187 57 Crawford County 1 gallon jug, beautiful glaze, unsigned Crawford County Jug $192.50
188 84 Crock with top broken, nice glaze $5.50
189 85 Quart-size Beanpot Form. Tan. Applied handle. Origin unknown. $11.00
190 89 Matthew Hewell Pitcher. One gallon. Ash Glaze. 1995. $49.50
191 90 Vintage North Carolina Art Pottery Basket. Great condition. $11.00
192 92 Half-gallon jug, modified stacker form. Possibly South Carolina. $11.00
193 94

Alkaline glaze jug. Pale green. One-half Gallon One chip to handle. Otherwise great condition.

194 95 Three pieces of pot sherds, Swift Creek, older that 1500 years. Baker county Ga. Chichashaw Creek. Legal American Indian artifacts. $11.00
195 96

Giles Crooms, stamped "GC" on handle, 1 gallon jug, cracked and hole in side but a desirable potter and a good candidate to be repaired.

196 97 1 gallon stacker jug, hole in side for birdhouse, otherwise good condition. Dugup in Macon. $22.00
197 98 2 Gallon Storage jar, good condition. Has hairline cracks.


198 39 Decorated Crawford County cuspidor, very rare to see this form and incised decorations, marked "2" small chip in lip. Has hairline cracks on lip and must be handled with care!