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2022 Potter Hall of Fame Inductee

Charlie West

The Potter Hall of Fame was begun in the year 2005 to recognize and honor individual potters from Crawford County who excelled in the art of “throwing mud.”  The purpose of the Potters’ Hall of Fame is to educate the public regarding the origin, development and growth of the pottery industry in Crawford County and the Middle Georgia region during the 1800’s through the early 1900’s. This heritage is considered an important part of the early American culture in Georgia and the Southeast.  

As established in 2005 by the Crawford County Historical Society, the new inductees are introduced during the Georgia JugFest and Old Knoxville Days festival held annually on the third weekend in May.  The Potters’ Hall of Fame is intended to bring the rich tradition of pottery to the public and keep alive the memories and histories of Crawford County’s folk potters and potters from all over the Middle Georgia Region.

2005 - Washington Becham

2006 - W.D. "Billy" Merritt

2007 - Eddie Averett

2008 - Jesse Bradford Long

2009 - William Joseph Marshall & Henry Doss Marshall

2010 - Thomas Piles, (also spelled Pyles)

2011 - William Seaborn Becham

2012 -James Yaughn & Rodolphus Yaughn

2013 -Emmett Merritt

2015 - James Long

2016 - Jasper Newton "Jack" Long

2017 - Billy Bryant

2018 - Cyrus Cogburn

2019 - Henry Averett

Potter Hall of Fame Posters

2012 Inductees: James and Rodolphus Yaughn 2013 Inductee: Emmett Merritt 2013 Inductee: Emmett Merritt 10th Anniversary honoring all past inductees 2005-2013 2015 Inductee: James Long 2016 Inductee: Jasper Newton Long 2017 Inductee: Billy Bryant 2018 Inductee: Cyrus Cogburn

(Posters Created by Nancy Jones)

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